Welcome to Heldenwiki vom Kosmosinsel

Heldenwiki vom Kosmosinsel is an ambitious project to create an online database of the galactic history chronicled in the science-fiction animated series Legend of the Galactic Heroes (aka 銀河英雄伝説 aka Heldensagen vom Kosmosinsel) .

WARNING: every page is bound to contain spoilers, major or minor. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that those who have yet to finish the series to do so before browsing or contributing to Heldenwiki vom Kosmosinsel!

In light of the fact that there are several other wiki projects dedicated to LoGH, Heldenwiki vom Kosmosinsel will move in a different direction placing emphasis on not just compiling canonical information related to Legend of the Galactic Heroes but also information that might not otherwise appear on a standard wiki project, such as discussion of parralels between the fictional history chronicled in LoGH and actual history. Not quite sure how this will be accomplished, but this project has plenty of time to hammer these things out yet.

Latest activityEdit

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